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Friday, 05 March 2021 16:47

Advantages Of Traditional Printed Invitations Over Digitals

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Before, people spend a lot of time making aesthetically pleasing invitations. From conceptualizing ideas, making a design, and printing them out in the best quality possible. But with the technological advances, like digital invites, traditional invitations found a competitor.

Digital invitations are easier to create, with various maker platforms online, and the efficiency in sending them out to people. But despite the convenience, they are a lot easier to forget.

Traditional printed invitations vs digital invites 

When planning for a celebration or an event, the focus should be on the development of the party. From the venue, themes, food, and more. But the question is, “How do you inform the attendees?” You have two options: either you formulate traditional printed invitations or send an invite through social media platforms. 

Traditional printed invitations could be coming from your own design and own printing or you could go to a printing service provider. While digital invitations could be the use of Google Calendar, Facebook Events, and other platforms. But what is the best option? We weighed down the edge of traditional printed invitations below. 

Advantages of traditional printed invitations

  • A traditional invitation highlights the event more. 

The main advantage of traditional invitations is that it makes the event more intimate. A simple situation would be the annual gala of a particular charity. These organizations do not settle for a simple and quick digital invitation. They allow their time to make sure that they send out beautifully packaged invitations for their guests rather than opening up a simple email. 

  • It can reach more people. Not everyone has an online presence. 

Yes, there is a major increase in people using digital platforms and social media networks. But that does not mean that majority have an online presence. Traditional printed invitations can reach more people. Everyone has an address, but not everyone has a Facebook or Gmail account. 

Besides, traditional printed invitations make the message clear on who they want to invite. You could invite the whole family and state “The Smiths” or you could tell them to have a plus one. This is very hassling to do on digital invites since you need to be mutuals with specific people. 

  • A traditional invitation makes the event private and exclusive. 

The con of digital invitations is that one wrong click and the whole world knows about your event. If you are aiming for an intimate and private event, never forget to turn the settings on private. Otherwise, people will see what you are up to and may hit you up to have them on the list. 

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